FREE Peltier – we need your help!

June 2021 is Leonard Peltier Month. The global campaign of support for the Native murder he did not commit. His conviction took place using false testimony and fabricated evidence.

Please, support the release of Leonard Peltier with your signature.

Here you can find the podcast series “In the Spirit of Crazy Horse”.

The campaign is directed to U.S. President Biden with a request for a pardon. And it is directed at the directors of the Bureau of Prisons, who could transfer the seriously ill prisoner with an electronic ankle bracelet to his home on the Turtle Mountain Reservation in North Dakota.

The campaign is co-sponsored by Kevin Sharp, a lawyer from Nashville, Tennessee, who was appointed a judge by President Obama and resigned his judgeship under Trump.

June 2021 is the launch of VOICES, a new platform of the Society for Threatened Peoples. VOICES launches with a focus on Peltier’s story. Journalist Claus Biegert visited Peltier twice in prison, and from him is the six-part podcast series “In the Spirit of Crazy Horse” and the film “I am the Indian Voice.”

Here you can find the podcast series “In the Spirit of Crazy Horse”.

The VOICES founding team consists of four members:
– Claus Biegert, Upper Bavaria / Germany
– Jan Diederichsen, Northern Schleswig / Denmark
– Wolfgang Mayr, South Tyrol / Italy
– Tjan Zaochnaya, Siberia / Russia

“Our goal is to find contributors around the world to tell their stories. The topics range around the globe: the self-determination of the Catalans; the securing of grazing grounds for the reindeer herds of the Sami; the fight against language extinction worldwide, the Maori amendment of New Zealand’s environmental legislation; the freedom struggle of the Kurds …

In the flood of news about genocide, persecution and racism against minorities and indigenous peoples, VOICES wants to trace the cultural treasures that those have to offer.

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